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Pitching with confidence: 3 March 2018
September 26, 2017

Visualize your next: 3 February 2018

R 500.00

A vision provides direction and focus for your life. Without a vision, you are wondering through the journey of life with no anchor or roadmap that will guide you along the path. A vision is the ultimate destination you want to reach and goals are the steps that you will take to reach your vision.

With an exciting year ahead of us, its time you visualise your next and take the necessary steps to turn your goals into reality!

Who should attend?

Professionals, entrepreneurs and graduates

Workshop outline

  • Breaking inner ceilings and building ones’ self-esteem, self-image, identity and confidence
  • Understanding the power of visionary thinking
  • Defining your vision
  • Setting measurable goals and an action plan to realise your vision
  • Relationships and time management skills
  • Self-actualization management and mastery

Workshop includes

  • Training material
  • Vision board resources
  • Breakfast and lunch


R 500,00


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