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Public Speaking and Presentation skills

Giving Wings - SBSA Graduate Workshop - 20190205 - 059

Public Speaking is one of the greatest fears in the world. At Giving Wings we are passionate about helping you to conquer the fear of public speaking and deliver your message effectively with confidence and conviction.


  • Developing a powerful public speaking capacity (self-image/brand)
  • Formulating and structuring content
  • Overcoming phobias and anxieties when presenting in front of an audience
  • Mastering nonverbal, verbal and written communication skills to exude confidence and professionalism
  • Effective use of presentation tools (e.g. Powerpoint)
  • Preparation for media, pitch and job interviews
  • Professional visual recordings of speeches and presentations
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Business Communication

Two cheerful businessmen handshaking at formal meeting, starting

In today’s highly competitive and dynamic business landscape it is critical for professionals to be equipped with effective communication skills. Effective communicators build and maintain lasting relationships, are problem- solvers, brand ambassadors and excellent leaders.


  • Professional behaviour and office conduct
  • Email, telephone, social media and face-to-face communication with clients and colleagues
  • Customer service
  • Maintaining a professional appearance (including what to wear and what not to wear)
  • Managing your personal brand in the workplace
  • Dining etiquette
  • Protocol at events and summits
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Entrepreneurship Development

SBSA Graduate Workshop - 20190214 - 014

Entrepreneurs propel economies, create jobs, alleviate unemployment and poverty. Successful entrepreneurs are generally people who have mastered the ability to effectively pitch their business or innovation with confidence and conviction. A pitch is the beginning of a conversation and as Elain Powell said, “If you don't pitch for what you want, you don't get what you want”.


  • Understanding the building blocks (elements) of an effective business pitch
  • Confidently pitching your business to ultimately persuade your prospective clients, employees and funders to do business with you
  • Managing anxieties and self-doubt by mastering the art of public speaking
  • Building lasting and profitable business relationships through self-mastery
  • Being the best ambassador of your offering through effective communication
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Women in Leadership Development

012 - Showing Up Professionally

Women remain underrepresented in leadership positions across numerous industries. As a result, organisation are deprived of the distinct female qualities - quantifiable and unquantifiable – that can propel an organisations and its markets to excel in the economy.


  • To equip women with the knowledge, skills and tools to navigate and lead in traditionally male dominated work environments
  • Identifying and solving common mistakes that hold women back from excelling in the workplace
  • Communicating with confidence resulting in exemplary and effective leadership
  • Overcoming the constraining fear of public speaking
  • Being assertive and clear (without being rude nor apologetic)
  • Building verbal, nonverbal and written communication skills
  • Email, telephone and face-to-face communication with clients and colleagues
  • Professional posture and appearance (including dress) in the workplace
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Executive Coaching

Giving Wings - SBSA Graduate Workshop - 20190205 - 033

As organisations move to the fourth industrial revolution, it has become more imperative that leaders build on their strength and resilience to embed sustainable change and enhance their performance. Doing so requires that these leaders acquire more personalized coaching to address their specific areas of development


  • Tailored coaching programme
  • Holistic analysis of personal and career development goals and gaps
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Youth Development


Giving Wings believes in supporting and generating social upliftment within South Africa. In 2014, we established a 5-week youth development programme for students in grade 10 and 11. This annual programme focuses on the development of leadership, communication, and entrepreneurship skills amongst young people in townships and rural communities.

If your organisation wants to make a sustainable difference amongst youth in South Africa then we would love to partner with you! To find out more about our Youth Development programme visit www.givingwingsyouth.co.za

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